On Tuesday 30 October we are ever so proud to present:

The Hobbes Fanclub 

Jangle and fuzz, heartbreak and love

The Sweet Nothings 

Peace, love, romance, railways, international socialism, and sleeping on strangers’ floors in beautiful new cities after the best night of pop thrills ever

The Tuts

Out of control girl band. Not for the faint hearted

at the Stag’s Head, 55 Orsman Rd, London N1 5RA 

Tickets: £5 in advance from here

Doors: 8pm, first band on stage 8:30pm

Facebook event

We are putting on a great popshow soon with The Hobbes Fanclub, The Sweet Nothings and The Tuts. It’s a the Stag’s Head in Hoxton. It’s going to be amazing. More details soon!

Hello! We disappeared off the face of the internet when our website went down ages ago but we are back. 

We are Spiral Scratch, a pop night of popshows and pop discos. We are not as active as we used to be but we are still in love with this indiepop thing and we are going to carry on doing things once in a while. This is going to be the place to find out about them.